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Digital & Business Transformation
From Strategy to Delivery

Hi There, Welcome to Kamedia.

We are an Innovation & Transformation strategic studio, focusing on
creating design-driven business models empowering people experience
through exceptional digital products and services.

Our Services

From Strategy to Delivery, We can help you navigate all stages of business transformation.


To Digital

Adapt your company mindset to the new digital economy with our Digital Master’s Training Program.

With Data

Evolve and improve your business outcomes with our future proof data driven and predictive models.


We put people first, to design, build, and launch experiences that redefine engagement.

Your Business

Lead continuance business transformation with our unique repetitive, design driven framework.

Your Industry

Create Digital First products with our unique and innovative Dual Experience Development Framework.


Kamedia Digital Experience Platform
The success of any digital brand depends on a strong execution foundation.
With K-Vision(TM) you can deliver rich and secure experiences
to your customers, partners and employees.

Kamedia Vision - Unified Experience Solution

Unified Experience Solution

With our build-in unified experience platform, you'll evolve beyond your omnichannel strategy unifying data, interactions, and digital experiences across touchpoints.

Combining AI, channel data, and design, You'll be able to deliver a unified contextually aware experience providing personalized engagement across our build in channels.

Kamedia Vision - Funnel driven

Funnel driven

From first interaction to brand loyalty, K-VisionTM was designed for multiple funnel management.

Whether it is a B2B, B2C, or Direct to Customer (D2C) engagement, our experience platform is designed to enable the composition, management, delivery, and optimization of contextualized activities across multi-experience segment journeys.

Kamedia Vision - Content Orchestration

Content Orchestration

With K-VisionTM content orchestration, you can build and guide your prospects & customers through a multichannel, personalized experience from a single digital asset management (DAM) source.

Using our build-in real-time analytics & insights center, you'll monitor and improve your content strategy and prove the ROI of your content at a granular level by topic keywords and metadata.

Kamedia Vision - Engagement Automation

Engagement Automation

Automatically engage customers across touchpoints with our build in automation engagement designer.

Evolve beyond email and marketing automation integrating our building modules with third-party data to deliver context-aware triggering and experience.

Kamedia Vision - Cross organization

Cross organization

A wide organizational approach is needed to create value and deliver a unified experience in today's experience economy.

K-VisionTM is designed bottom-up to enable cross-organization collaboration, aligning the back office operation with the front office delivery supporting the 360 view of the customer needs.

One Platform, Endless Possibilities.

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